About us

“Community, for me, means with Humanity!”
(Mr. Dazio, local producer)

Estacao Gabiraba is a tour operator that, in cooperation with local communities and governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), works to develop an alternative model of tourism that generates income for community social initiatives, simultaneously valuing the local traditions and environment.

It was borned in 2007, from the knowledge accumulated in the management of educational groups in the Amazon and in the discussion with social and environmental entities that act in this region. Its general objective is to consolidate in the market a new management model in tourism, valuing the entrepreneurial skills and the natural and cultural heritage of the traditional populations of the Amazon. Committed to the principles of Community-Based Tourism and fair trade, Estação Gabiraba strives to contribute to a more participatory and sharing society through tourism.

It was founded by Ana Gabriela Fontoura, born in Belém (PA), graduated in Tourism from the Federal University of Pará (UFPA) and specialist in Environmental Studies from the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais (PUC-Minas).

Estacao Gabiraba actions currently covers the states of Para, Amazonas, Amapa, Acre, Rondonia and Mato Grosso, reaching more than thirty communities. Among the main clients, the following stand out: WWF-Brazil, Royal Norwegian Embassy, Peabiru Institute, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), Toyota, Vale Fund and Experimento Cultural Exchange.

Our Principles

Community basis

Tourism is planned and developed from the communities. They are the root of work and the owners of tourism in their spaces.


Communities and tourists participate in conservation activities and visits strengthen the management and environmental education actions.


There is transparency in all relations and a balanced division of financial resources.

Local development

Activities play a complementary role to the local way of life. It should help to strengthen the community’s organizational structures and complement (not replace) traditional activities.


Establish mutual learning opportunities. The exchange of experiences between community members and visitors ensures that one learns and teaches as much as the other.

Do you know Gabiraba?

Gabiraba is a native fruit that grows in the backyard of many people throughout Brazil. Also known as Guabiraba, Guabiroba or Gabiroba, it is not normally commercialized in fairs and markets. In order to became familiar with this fruit and understand its significance, it’s necessary to experience the land that produces it and to know the population that uses it. 

This is the spirit of the trips organized by Estacao Gabiraba! The itineraries are not on all shelves or stores and sometimes take place in destinations that are still little known. But, when traveling with us and deepening your relations with the people visited, you will get to know the beauty kept in the backyards out there.

Ana Gabriela Fontoura


“I was born in Belem, Para state, Brazil. Before I even knew what I would like to work with, I already knew where: in my Amazon region. I am from a traveling nature, forest lover, optimistic and talkative. I like photography, tapereba juice, canoe trips, people, good conversation and looking at the moon.”

Our Partners